Agro OBST is a company that deals with modern cultivation and processing of fruits. Activity of the company is the production of high quality fruit brandy. Raw material base for the production of fruit brandies provides family farm with around 10 hectares of land of which the greater part is planted plum. In continuously working to increase the surface area of ​​plantations and modernizing techniques and on the processing of the fruit.

Orchards are located at the foothill of Jastrebac, at the edge of the valley Topličke. This is a landscape where the best plums grow in this area. Climatic conditions, altitude, soil types are the ideal conditions that require this fruit.


Festival “Blačka Šljivijada”, the day when the hosts thanks to the fruits of prosperity which brings them, has already become a recognizable brand in this region. Plums in this area was and still is the source of life. Always where there have been any good plums there is a good plum brandy. Every house in this neighborhood knows the secret of natural brandy production, produced in the traditional way according to the recipe ancestors.


This is a secret jealously preserved and transmitted from generation to generation since time immemorial. The establishment of the company has emerged

as a result of:
abundance of fruit in this region and as a tendency to take advantage of ideal conditions for growing high-quality raw materials,
as a result of already inherited the technology of production of quality brandy,
as well as the desire to be a family farm heritage and tradition finalized and circle the finished product,
as an attempt of founder to help his own country,