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Once there was a young man, led by a fate into the foreign land. There he earned wealth and got everything what he dreamed of, but nonetheless was not happy because his soul remained captured   and forgotten in the place where he was born, from where he went to a foreign country. He spent his life working tirelessly. He dreamed that he would return one day and finish his boyhood dreams. When he returned one day, he was already too old weak and sick. He realized that he was late, too late to live this so many times dreamed life.


He was thinking how to leave a trace of his existence, and something to remind future generations on his existence, the memory of him which will remain to live after him. And he figured it ... on the demolished foundation of old medieval church, with the full support of the villagers, he built a beautiful new church which stands like a castle above the village and will defy the time and will be the behest to the generations to come and to be a bridge connecting the ancient and the present time.


Then he remembered once more ... He produced a brandy after ancestor’s recipe with modern refinement and support of experts. He always said that the brandy is like a song always alive and that whenever there is opportunity to sing, sing and tell stories along which, you and your friends will fill cheerful. He left to his descendants unfinished story which is forcing us to continue this story and remember the MEMENTO(Uspomena).


This great man was my late father. I'm glad that he succeeded in his effort to outlive himself ....
Plum Plantations now abundantly bear every year. A full wine cellars filled with love produced plum brandy, will long be poured and drink afterwards him.
The memory of him is so strong and convincing, and it will always be a reason to remember him, over and over again.
Just like the old days, then and now with love and care but in a modern way, we are concerned on the production of the most tasteful and best plum brandy in our region.
This story is just like a fairy tale but it’s the true and authentic ...


Company founder


Fruit plum brandy MEMENTO is produced from the fruits of the highest quality and exquisite plum type (Cacak wounds, Pozegaca, Stanley).
The traditional way of production with modern technology and modern ancillary equipment created the brandy with a perfect harmony of taste and flavor which harmoniously complements the connection of the old and the new time.


The production process starts by carefully selecting and picking fruits in their full mature. With the addition of enzyme mixture and yeast, fermentation is controlled and efficient. After Two Times Distillation, and after binding overdone, brandy remain constraint preserved by aromatic components.

Each distillate before distilled with zero graduation water, will be reviewed and analyzed in the laboratories of the Faculty of Agriculture. Brandy is filtered several times before the storage time and aging in oak barrels and stainless steel tanks.